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Quotes For anyone skeptical about the amazing benefits of sound therapy one only needs to water their plants and see the benefits with the sacred geometry water. My flowers are still blooming and that was two months ago WOW. This lead me on a search of sound therapy and its benefits I was amazed to find that the ancient Egyptians used sound therapy to move the big stones boulders. So my question is if the Egyptians used sound therapy to move things what can sound therapy today, shift for you? Only you will know if you dare to open that door and dream and imagine the possibilities of shifting your consciousness. I am encouraging you to have the courage to open that door by booking a sound therapy session to find out first hand what others are saying about the wonderful healing effects of sound therapy. After attending one of the meditations my family commented, " Where ever you went whatever you did wow did you bring some good energy home" Need I say more?? Quotes
Skeptical about Sound Therapy?

Quotes Just wanted to share. The past few weeks I have been busier than normal. My routine of listening to tones had been thrown off. I awoke this morning feeling lazy and dragging. I have "brain work" to do. Things that require me to use my head, but I felt so foggy and tired, I didn't feel I would be able to perform at my best. I decided to sit on the deck and listen to my tones with my pocket IQube. Within minutes my whole being shifted! The fog cleared from my head. My brain started working, organizing what needed to be done and provided ideas. I became motivated and feeling productive. I wished to share this with you and thank you for sharing these tools to allow me to live. I no longer need to stay in those places that stopped me or pulled me down before. Even having the IQube technology in my life for just over a year, they still surprise me! The tools that just keep giving! Quotes
Couldn't Get My Day Started

Quotes I have been drinking the water for some time now. I have noticed my partner being more calm, happy, mellow and loving this past week. I found this odd since this is not his usual demeanour. I walked into the kitchen to get some water and noticed the jug was empty! He has been drinking the water and was not aware of it! I shared with him what I have noticed and he said he has felt a change in himself too. He is accepting situations easier that would normally "piss him off". We now both drink the water and are just loving how it is changing our lives! Quotes
Jen H.
Structured Water

Quotes Thank you so much for holding the meditation last night, it was just beautiful. I was able to hang out with my ex-husband and our daughter all day today without losing energy or feeling drained! It was AMAZING! That is an area of life which has been shifting recently, but I would often be drained or pulled back into old patterns after long exposer to him, and by the end of the day the only frustration I felt was basically: "Ikea! Why do you make such cheap and enticing furniture and then force us to assemble it with one allen key!! But having him in my space didn`t shift me emotionally or energetically at all...and it always did...Thank you. I would really like to book a personal tones session. Much Love Quotes
Ashley H
Quantum Sound Meditation

Quotes I attended the Waterloo group yesterday. I was blown away. First off, I don't enjoy group events. But yesterday, that changed. The feeling of love throughout the event blew my mind. And the technology, Ann and Bill from Clearly Conscious, certainly affected me and has changed my perspective. If you have a chance to attend Annette's session, do it. I was going to say, mind blowing, instead I will say soul opening. Quotes
Karin H
Group Quantum Sound Session

Quotes HI Annette, I want to thank you for my reflexology appointment again, earlier this week. I come once a month for this relaxing time, but wish I could come and utilize this more. I find my appointments to be so relaxing and refreshing,and I have you to thank for this. Your expertise, and wealth of information, is so appreciated. You listen, you provide insights, positive thoughts, and I leave your office everytime feeling like a new person, physically, mentally and spiritually. I thank you for your time, your smiles, and your professional know knowledge. Quotes
Anita T
Wish I could come more!

Quotes Annette, I just wanted to reach out, and acknowledge what a difference you made in my life yesterday. You have that talent of observing patterns of speech which do not make sense, and then you are able to ask the uncomfortable questions which take me out of my comfort zone, and we can get to the root of the problem then. Which always seems to be when the unconscious perception becomes reality , and needs to be let go of. Thank you for the hernia information. That really frees up my energy to concentrate on healing the web in my stomach walls, similar to the consciousness grids surrounding the earth. So, I'm so grateful for your friendship. Quotes
John G
A Difference Maker

Quotes I just felt I needed to share with you the changes I have notice. I received my tones March 13 and since then I have listed to them at least once daily and on two occasions had them playing for four hours daily. On March 24, I noticed a huge, huge difference in personality changes. I was confronted with an angry individual and I found through his verbal insults and comments etc...that I only raised my voice slightly twice in an hour. This is unusual for me! I remained so calm over being threatened and confronted I spoke with sensibility and calmness. Normally in situations like this, I would fly off the handle verbally and even cry. Well let me tell you, I found myself calm cool and collected and at peace. It?s like a total personal flip in personality like reprogramming that I?ve never felt before! It shocked the person and me lol. Like a five second turn around against anger, fear and hurt. I responded in a loving tone and loving manner and thought ?Where is this coming from?? Quotes

Quotes" Quotes
Annette P
Video Testimonial with Annette Parker

Quotes During every session I have had with Annette I have experienced euphoria. My body, mind and soul feel rejuvenated and relaxed. Many thanks Quotes
my body thanks you

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