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Some of the IQubes are available for rental

use in your home, office

and personal environments.

1. The Focus IQube and Chakra IQube – monthly rental cost of $250 per month, plus shipping (*); or

2. The Pocket IQube – we have just begun to play with renting the pocket IQube. If you are interested in renting this device please contact me directly..

If you decide to purchase an IQube, a portion of the one months rental costs (Less shipping and taxes) will be applied to the purchase of any IQube (except for the pocket IQube).

Note: Other IQubes maybe available to rent depending on location and supply.

Please contact regarding rental availability.

*it is the responsibility of the person renting the IQube to pick up and deliver the unit.  For remote locations, the cost of shipping the IQube in both directions is the responsibility of the renter.

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