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How well your body replicates cells depends very much on the ingredients it has to do the job with. But even more important is how the ingredients are being carried into the cells. Hexagonal Scalarwave Structured Water™ has the correct geometry to penetrate the membranes of the cells and deliver the ingredients. We encourage you to drink or mix the Hexagonal Scalarwave Structured Water™ with any food, herbal shakes, protein powders, herbs or vitamin supplements etc. to boost the body’s ability to absorb the nutrients. Remember we do not add any minerals, ingredients etc. to our solutions. Everything is accomplished through the imprinting of energy frequencies using our proprietary sacred Scalarwave structuring process.



The frequencies for the Spirit Molecule and additional frequencies to aid and assist the stimulation of the subtle  pineal energy and the mystical experience, were added to this water. The Spirit Molecule is often associated with out of body experiences and an intensification of visual colors. This component is produced naturally by the human body.           This designer water is to help you shift your consciousness and bring about a sense of peace and happiness.                     It may help you to relax deeply and create an enhanced sense of well-being. Dr. Strassman reports that his research has shown that many have experienced bliss, altered consciousness states and a reduction of fear. Dr. Strassman and other researchers have stated that “A certain amount of the spirit molecule is required to maintain correct perception. Otherwise the world can become grey.”


indigoOver the last 15 years we have gathered information from hundreds of thousands of voice samples and brain maps. We’ve worked with children who have had various learning disabilities and over the years came to the same conclusion as Dr. Makoto Shichida, world renowned founder of over 350 Preschool Child Academies in Japan who teach the importance of right brain stimulation. Masaru Emoto (EMLLOY) encouraged us to create this formula for his life long friend Dr. Shichida. We used the information from thousands of tests to structure a special water to encourage more right brain activity. We launched this wonderful product through our Emoto Lloy(EMLLOY ) series.


Super Calm Water

For this newly enhanced blend we added additional energy frequencies to our original base. Supercalm is designed to deal with the mental and emotional body. This is designed to uplift the emotions, and create a euphoric sense of well-being. It assists in providing balance and harmony to the nervous system. It is also a “feel good” water for general upliftment. This beverage helps stabilize and calm the active mind. We like to think of this relaxing structured water as a means of dealing with fear and stress.



Wellness Water

The Wellness Formula is designed to encourage maximum cell water turn over. This will help the body flush stored toxins from the system which in turn, support the immune system in the defense of the body. For this special formula we created a specific Wellness Frequency Program to support and strengthen all the bodily functions. We also added a special algorithm that supports and strengthens the rhythm of the heart. The Wellness Formula deals with the complete body from its ability to process food for fuel, sugar imbalances that affect the adrenals (bodies energy system), as well as the strengthening of the defense and energy systems of the body.               

Due to legal restrictions we are unable to make any claims concerning our Hexagonal Scalarwave Structured Water™. We can claim improved hydration which is the base cause of almost every health challenge we face today. We can point out that when our Hexagonal Scalarwave Structured Water™ solutions were tested using the FDA approved RJL Systems BIA-101Q (Quantum) Bio impedance test equipment that measures; Total Body Water, Fat Free Mass, Total Body Fat, Intracellular Water, Extra cellular Water, Body Cell Mass, Total Body distal or proximal Resistance and Reactance, we out performed all other waters tested. Dr. Emoto’s crystal photographs confirm the changes we make converting medical grade double distilled water into geometrically perfect Hexagonal Scalarwave Structured Water™. Along the way we have produced World Champions, won Awards and made our customers very happy.

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