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Mike's Story

For the past week, I have been using the Focus IQube while studying for the GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test). Prior to using the Focus IQube, I took 5 practice tests over the course of 6 weeks. My scores on these five practice tests were: 530, 500, 560, 590, and 550. I then added the Focus IQube to my study regimen. I took two more practice tests and received a 650 and a 670; with a 640 being my score on the real exam. The addition of the Focus IQube to my study program improved my focus and allowed me to study for longer hours. Additionally, my desire to take breaks decreased, and I felt as if the quality of my study sessions increased. A quick heads up - during my first study session, I felt rather anxious and was unable to concentrate. I took the rest of the day off and continued my studies the next day. The next day, I felt calm and focused for the entirety of the study session. I was later assured that this was part of the "grounding process" and was to be expected.” 

Ian's Story Age 28

In my first experience with the Focus IQube, Robert, Helena, and I were sitting in their living room and the device had just been turned on. We all went deeply into meditation and I felt an immediate change in my body. My shoulders lightened, my chest seemed to be adjusting, and the tension in my temples and jaw, that had continuously been there and attracting more of my awareness in the last month, was throbbing. There was a perpetual feeling of something “popping” that seemed to push through during the entire meditation. Some sort of deep energetic circuit was moving in a way that I had never felt. I cannot say that I understood then, or now, what was happening, but what I felt deeply inside was that this was a good thing. I took my Focus device back to the hotel, and left it on overnight while I slept. I could not seem to get enough of this energy. It was like a craving. This device was moving something deep; patterns of sadness, stress, anxiety, an amalgam of intangible cloud was shifting and I was committed and hungry to push it out. For the next few days, I was elated and light. The world was a lot easier to process with clarity and without stress. In the days ahead, I began writing scripts and automating my installation tasks at work. I wrote mini-programs that I had been “meaning to get to” within a couple of weeks and a key seemed to be my ability to do more without “thinking about it.” Normally, I would take time, ponder, scratch my head, and then force my energy into this type of project with exertion of willpower. I just started “doing” and not worrying about the results. I began to feel that some sort of old stress that had been resting in my shoulders and all the way through my jaw and forehead had been scrubbed out vigorously with a wire brush and rinsed-washed away. Watching myself improve subtly, there was no denying that this one device was bringing performance benefits to critical thinking and focused activities. My mind felt well-oiled and healthy. I even actually felt and watched my physical reflexes improve. There was this feeling of being me, but a better version of myself… Ian 2.0. My experience with the other devices had convinced me that it would be pretty naïve to try and comprehend how this was all working with my “regular mind” vs. the higher mind or altered state intelligence. I just relaxed to witness what was changing. I began to realize a greater sense of grounding. My energy seemed to move and respond with more consciousness. There was a general sense of relaxed focus, an automatic pull-back in the face of old drama. This was a milestone after the first month with the Focus IQube. My energy level was also no longer normal. I was sleeping less, feeling more grounded, moving and acting more intelligently, consciously, and deliberately. Although I cannot say definitively that it was the role of the Focus IQube alone, because I was using the other technologies simultaneously (Protection, VAHS, Rejuvenation IQubes, along with the Focus IQube), I can say that my confidence level started to shine after about 4-6 weeks of operating this device. The outside world and past relationships were now clearly showing me what a different person I had become. The old patterns, games, and challenges were not attracting my attention in the same way anymore.

Jason's Story Age 50

I am just a normal guy – uninformed about energy or meditation - “new” on this journey. I left a world of IT management consulting to give back to the world. I was used up, tired and frustrated with the theatrics of business.

As time stretched on, my perception of the things in my life that stressed me out seemed to change. I was more at peace with myself. I could process and prioritize from the hundreds of things in my life that needed to get done, without creating a stressful time. This was also evidenced within my physical living circumstances, as I was able to move back into a situation that I had run from. This was done with ease and virtually no stress. 

Kristina's Story Age 73

When my Focus IQube arrived, I was so excited, like a little kid. While I was unwrapping each little package that had been wrapped with great care and love, my huge smile was from ear to ear. After connecting and setting the Focus IQube up, it was amazing. My brain immediately started to have great energy and exhilaration. My whole head was energized and alive…so alive. I was smiling, smiling, smiling…very happy and joyous. It was like my brain just woke up. Everything seemed brighter, clearer, wide open. My eyes were looking through a big wide open window. That is what I felt. I was highly energized and awake.

I am observing that I am now able to:

~ process my “stuff” and integrate the changes into my everyday life effortlessly

~ observe the dance of the infinite

~ be a witness in the illusion play that is ever present

~ live life in honesty and truth 18

~ maintain inner balance in the field of diversity

~ remain steady in the feeling of clarity and lightness

~ maintain strength and perseverance with less emotion

Kate's Story Age 67

I've come to this technology through Her Holiness Sai Maa who has investigated and recommended it. Whereas I've known about it for several years and have followed the work, I hadn’t done anything about it until I became aware of the Focus IQube and a couple of recent write-ups. The one that particularly drew my attention was the woman who was in her 70's. As I am 67, I had been feeling symptoms that concerned me about my aging brain. While I have been forgetting why I've walked into a room to retrieve or do something for several years, I have always just written it off to normal aging. However, this past year, I've added other symptoms of forgetfulness, struggling to remember words, and not being able to focus or remember, and I was feeling anxious about my brain aging. After a chat with Helena, I decided to try out the Focus IQube. I received it in early November and within the first 2 weeks, I noticed an immediate shift. I did not use the IQube with an "intention", but just let it work on the brain.

I then noticed:

• My struggling for words went away.

• I was able to retrieve information more readily.

• I became more articulate.

• My brain felt nimble and more agile.

• Physical movement was easier and I moved more freely.

• I ate a lot more. (And now I've noticed that it has shifted back to more normal eating.)

• I was able to work on a new project and to organize it.

• I was able to take a course and keep up with it.

• No longer was I walking into rooms and wondering what I forgot or questioning why I went in. (Or if I do, I'm able to quickly recall what I was after.)

My anxiety and fear issues are gone. While I'm not normally anxious or fearful, there were anxious thoughts about aging and living alone that I've noticed are not there anymore. Even while traveling and I was not under the presence of the Focus IQube, I never felt like I regressed 21 to any previous levels. Now, it is February, and I feel like I've leveled out. And there are times now, when I feel like my brain wants to relax from stimulation and I turn off the IQube for a period of time


The subtle body is the doorway to the physical body, the brain, and emotions. The master control system of the body is the subtle body. The Focus IQube’s focus is to stimulate the subtle body. Stimulating the subtle body is like rebooting your hard drive. It is an evolutionary gift that focuses on a way to reboot the hard drive of your “computer” with no memory of your judgments of being beautiful, ugly, fat, smart, etc. Our approach is about stimulating the subtle body and allowing it to reboot and restore everything. It is that simple. This new technology is truly about self empowerment. I think it will help each person find their destiny.” ~Robert Lloy The Focus IQube was first created on August 17, 2010. It was conceived fourteen months earlier. This booklet is the preface to a greater work. It is a snapshot of the now, and is comprised solely of the first experiences that a few of us had when initially exposed to the Focus IQube. For the most part, it is raw, unedited and in our own words. We suggest that you read it this way - not as a polished, definitive, scholarly work. It is important to note that these are the insights, perceptions, feelings, and true experiences of those who are awakening to this work and our attempts in “real time” to describe our experiences. There will be more information provided as this work progresses. The Focus IQube requires a shift in energy and consciousness. We invite you to join us on our journey of awakening.

 ~ Helena Reilly March, 2011

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